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Max and Domestic Boa
The object of the game is to control the hungry snake using the arrow keys so that the snake eats mice. With every eaten mouse the snake becomes longer and longer...
Flip`s Top Hat
The thunderstorm has blown away Flip`s top hat! Flip wants to catch it and jumps from one tree branch to another. At the same time he has to beware of the wind blasts, branches falling down and spiders. The points are given for the distance when Flip is moving up; the game is finished when he falls out of the screen area. Control Flip by using the arrow keys or joystick. The higher you climb, the more points you get in this game. Show how smart you are!
Angela in maze
Angela has found herself in a dangerous maze and wants to find exit. But some doors are closed and Angela has to find proper keys first. A lot of enemies are waiting for angela who may force her eating bananas and lose precious time.
Captain Blue Bear
The game which we developed has over 50 levels, from the basic up to the most complicated. The main task is to set up the barrels to the designated places, moving them horizontally and vertically so that the ship wouldn’t lose its balance. The control is performed with a joystick.
At the top of passion
Your task is to climb up the labyrinth and to reach for the boy of your desires. There will be different obstacles on your way and girls you have to avoid or hide in the tent you picked up earlier. After you`ve passed a level (and there`s more than 5 of them) a cute young man will striptease only for you! The game is controlled with the joystick, and the protecting tent can be picked up by pressing `Enter`.
On Christmas Eve Santas are hurrying to deliver their presents to children. They appear from the sky and have to get out of the labyrinth to find an entrance to the house. They get into the house through the chimney, and an arrow shows the way to it. But they can go this way only if there are 3 or more Santas in a row, and their bags should be of the same color. This is where you have to help them. There are several “catching points” on each level. The one, marked red, is active. When a Santa is passing an active catching point, you may press “SHOOT” (joystick button) and this Santa will be placed into a glass ball. If you press the same button again, this Santa will be released. If there’s one Santa on a catching point and one in a glass ball, they exchange their positions. You may also change an active catching point by pressing RIGHT and LEFT buttons. The board on the wall shows you how many Santas you have to lead out of the labyrinth to get to the next level. This is how you get points: 5 points for 3 Santas, 15 points for 4 Santas, 100 points for 6 Santas, 200 points for 7 Santas, 500 points for 8 Santas, 1000 points for 9 Santas, and 5000 points for 10 Santas. If there’s no more space for arriving Santas, the game will be over. The game is getting more difficult at every next level (there’s 10 of them).
Captain Blue Bear Sailing Along the River.
The game which we developed has over 10 levels, from the basic up to the most complicated. The main task is to help the captain sail his ship along the narrow tropical river, picking up chest with gold and rescuing fishermen drifting in their boats. But watch out for icebergs, stones, sharks, octopuses, tornados and pirates’ shacks – they are dangerous and take away your lives. The control is performed with a joystick.
This game consists of 10 levels. At the beginning of a level you have a starting piece of your future pipeline which you have to construct from a certain number of pipes within given time. Do it proper and you will score points and move to the next level. Either the time limit (countdown) or the number and form of pipes are shown at the screen. After the round has started toxic liquid starts to flow from the starting piece into the pipeline you`re constructing. Keep placing the pipes, if the liquid catch you up the game is over.
The Snake, one of the oldest games (usually, it is implemented by mobile devices’ developers, but not in this case). Our implementation differs from the classical variant by some new features. The snake cannot run into some walls.Some points make the snake shorter. There are additional life points. When the size of the snake reaches predefined limit, the player is moved to the next level. The control is performed with a joystick. The player has to collect points, which increases the length and life, neither running into the wall nor crossing himself. The goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible. The game is designed for Windows Smartphone 2002 with use of C++. It can be easily adapted for Windows Pocket PC.
Penalty Kicks
In this game Freddy competes with an opponent - they strike by turn eleven-metre penalty kicks. The game helps to develop good reaction skills and an accurate eye.
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