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Max and Domestic Boa
The object of the game is to control the hungry snake using the arrow keys so that the snake eats mice. With every eaten mouse the snake becomes longer and longer...
Lars in Air
Lars is flying on his plane and a lot of enemies try to stop him. But it`s not so easy because Lars has a gun! There are a lot of bonuses that help Lars to complete mission: a great many of powerful guns and tools to repair the plane. The game has 12 different levels.
Freddy Bird Hunter
Freddy climbed a roof of a house and hits flying birds with his favorite ball. You shouldn`t let the ball fall down from the roof, at that Freddy can beat the ball only with his head. For every bird he hits he will get scores.
Help Santa Claus to catch falling Christmas-tree decorations. The control is performed with buttons UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT, or buttons: 1, 2, 3, 0, 8 and 9. At the beginning of this game you have 5 lives. If you let a decoration to fall down, you lose one life. The game is over, when all lives are lost. Christmas-tree decorations fall down faster and more often as game continues. If you want to have a pause press one the buttons under the screen of your phone. With the help of the menu item BACK you return to the game. To switch on/off the sound press the button #.
Mikola –“Hard Target”
The game has over 10 levels, from the basic up to the most complicated. The object of the game is to cross a pond jumping from one stone to another avoiding bumping into wasps and falling into the water. To protect himself, Mikola can kill the wasps. The control is performed with a joystick.
Everybody Against Fred
You want to take part in a quiz with Baby Fred, but you`re not quite experienced yet so you have to practice. Memorize, repeat and press the button - it`s quite simple!The more points you get, the more likely you are to outwit Baby Fred. Baby Fred is pressing several keys with digits on them - you have to memorize the right sequence and reproduce it, pressing the buttons on your mobile phone. Baby Fred is watching you and tells you, if you`re right or wrong. Remember, you can enter a wrong digit only 4 times.
This game consists of 10 levels. At the beginning of a level you have a starting piece of your future pipeline which you have to construct from a certain number of pipes within given time. Do it proper and you will score points and move to the next level. Either the time limit (countdown) or the number and form of pipes are shown at the screen. After the round has started toxic liquid starts to flow from the starting piece into the pipeline you`re constructing. Keep placing the pipes, if the liquid catch you up the game is over.
Some lines, which consist of the differently colored balls, appear periodically in the glass. These lines form different figures. Move along the balls, using the cursor and buttons UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT, and do away the figures, which consist of three or more similar-colored balls, using the joystick–button. The game consists of 9 levels. To go to the next level you must prevent the overfilling the glass by the balls. In each next level the speed of the game and the amount of lines increase.
Slot Machine
Would you like to play Slot Machine? Now you have а real chance to win a lot of money on your mobile phone! Just make your bet, select the amount of lines to play and press Enter. Your phone will establish secure GPRS-connection with a server that gives every player equal chances to win. When you win the best combination Progressive Jackpot is added to your winnings. But in any case you may always get Mystery Jackpot that doesn`t depend on reels combination! Good luck!
Pile Up
Would you like to play Tetris - the game famous all around the world –on your mobile phone? It’s possible with a new mobile game from The Web Production! The goal of the game is to gain as much points as possible. You have to lay out the falling figures in a way that there’re no empty squares on the screen bottom. When figures build a horizontal line, they are removed and you get points. The speed of the falling figures increases with every new level. To reach the last level, you have to pass several levels. Have fun with the most fascinating game ever!
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