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Max and Domestic Boa
The object of the game is to control the hungry snake using the arrow keys so that the snake eats mice. With every eaten mouse the snake becomes longer and longer...
Lars in Air
Lars is flying on his plane and a lot of enemies try to stop him. But it`s not so easy because Lars has a gun! There are a lot of bonuses that help Lars to complete mission: a great many of powerful guns and tools to repair the plane. The game has 12 different levels.
Climb up!
The game has over 10 levels, from the basic up to the most complicated. The object of the game is to climb up the ladders, picking up protection umbrellas and avoiding all moving things: a heron, tornado, lightning and pouring cloud. The control is performed with a joystick.
Jungle Ace
A plane is flying in the sky, trying to avoid falling bombs and enemy`s helicopters. At the same time the hero has to pick up points. Sometimes civil aircrafts fly by, and if such an aircraft is shot down, you lose one life. You get an extra life or 10 points as a bonus, if you have a full set of lives. Every shot enemy or a bomb gives you 1 point. Don`t forget to collect bonuses - cherrys and bananas, there`s a long way ahead and you might get hungry.
Crossing the Road
The game develops thinking and reaction skills and has over 10 levels, from the basic up to the most complicated. You are to help a frog keep off all obstacles. To cross the road, you have to avoid bumping into obstacles and jump from one swimming object onto another. The control is performed with a joystick.
Captain Blue Bear Sailing Along the River.
The game which we developed has over 10 levels, from the basic up to the most complicated. The main task is to help the captain sail his ship along the narrow tropical river, picking up chest with gold and rescuing fishermen drifting in their boats. But watch out for icebergs, stones, sharks, octopuses, tornados and pirates’ shacks – they are dangerous and take away your lives. The control is performed with a joystick.
Shiori kamikaze
Shiori shows very dangerous trick. She is fired like a shot from a cannon and while flying Shiori tries to catch one of her hens. Player can change the inclination and the shooting force. You must be quick! If the game timer reaches zero point the game is over! For each caught hen you get extra time, moreover it is more profitable to catch walking or flying hens. For them you’ll get more points and extra time. It`s really exciting game!
Dexterous Angela
Help Angelica to catch falling fruits. The control is performed with buttons UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT, or buttons: 1, 2, 3, 0, 8 and 9. At the beginning of this game you have 5 lives. If you let a fruit fall down, you lose one life. The game is over, when all lives are lost. Fruits fall down faster and more often as the game continues. If you want to have a pause press one of the buttons under the screen of your phone. With the help of the menu item BACK you return to the game. To switch the sound on/off press the button #.
Colored Blocks
Different blocks which consist of three signs of different colors fall down. You have to set them up in such a way that three signs of the same color are situated in one line horizontally, vertically or bias, then these signs will disappear. Control using arrow keys.
Pile Up
Would you like to play Tetris - the game famous all around the world –on your mobile phone? It’s possible with a new mobile game from The Web Production! The goal of the game is to gain as much points as possible. You have to lay out the falling figures in a way that there’re no empty squares on the screen bottom. When figures build a horizontal line, they are removed and you get points. The speed of the falling figures increases with every new level. To reach the last level, you have to pass several levels. Have fun with the most fascinating game ever!
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