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JUNE 2011

Carly's Webshow Memo
Carly's webshow memo is live. Players learn what it takes to organize a successful webshow. A good team, modern equipment or a good memory. The objective of the game is to find matching pairs of cards analogy of a memory with all details for a webshow. The single-and multiplayer game is now available at

Parachute Jumping
People always tried to fly. You probably remember Dedalus - the mythic character who made wings of wax and feathers. Since then things have changed - now with the help of the parachute we can experience what it`s like to soar in the skies. But sky-diving may be dangerous. Help our parachutist land safely. You have to guess what manhole is right, because only one manhole leads to the land – the other two lead either to hell or to paradise. Good luck!
Easter snake
Your task is quite simple: you have to gather a maximum number of eggs! But remember, that eggs you gather should have the same color as the snake has. If you swallow a wrong egg, the snake will turn shorter. The game is over if the snake becomes totally short (only the head remains) or crosses the screen borders. Control the snake with UP, DOWN, LEFT und RIGHT keys.
Memory Master
The goal of the game is to remember the biggest number of sounds made by domestic animals and then click the animals in the order the have produced the sounds. The child remembers the order the sounds have been produced and then clicks the animals. For example the order has been the following: rooster`s crow, whining, pig grunting. The child should wait till the animals stop producing their sounds and then click them one after another.
Have a fun day out! Play paintball! Hit your enemies!
Spooky Cemetery
Once upon a time a dragon had fallen in love in a young princess and stole her right from under the nose of her aged father. The king sent a fearless knight to rescue the princess.
To decorate the Xmas tree you have to flip an ornament ball over one stick to another one. Try to reach the top of the tree.
Platsch! Das Wasserbombenspiel
Hit the moving character with a plastic bag (filled with water) or with a snowball.
River Adventures of Tabaluga
Steer the boat down the river without bumping into the wrong kind of stuff. Pick up chests with gold, and catch fish.
Ping Pong
Bat the ball back and forth with the computer.
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