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JUNE 2011

Carly's Webshow Memo
Carly's webshow memo is live. Players learn what it takes to organize a successful webshow. A good team, modern equipment or a good memory. The objective of the game is to find matching pairs of cards analogy of a memory with all details for a webshow. The single-and multiplayer game is now available at

Parachuter for Kika
People always tried to fly. You probably remember Dedalus - the mythic character who made wings of wax and feathers. Since then things have changed - now with the help of the parachute we can experience what it`s like to soar in the skies. But sky-diving may be dangerous. Help our parachutist land safely. You have to guess what manhole is right, because only one manhole leads to the land – the other two lead either to hell or to paradise. Good luck!
Use your vacuum cleaner to catch all ghosts and vampires.
Christmas Tree
Try to drag the slab from the first pillar to the third one by the shortest number of moves.
Noisy Air hockey
Play against 10 artificial intelligence players in a linear tournament. You control the mallet by moving your mouse. The object is to hit the puck into your opponent`s goal. The speed at which you move the mallet determines the strength of your hit. The first player to score 7 wins the game. Passwords are issued after each level of advancement. They are used to let you return to that stage of the game at a later time.
Pic Pac
The object of the game is to run away from monsters, and to pick all the items up.
Anni and Fred: In the Diamond Hold
Help Anni and Fred collect all chests in the hold using the arrow buttons to steer the character. Your journey takes you past far and wide scattered diamonds, so keep a clear head, because these small diamonds keep barrels in place. If you collect a diamond, a barrel supported with the diamond can fall down and hit Anni or Fred, in this case the friends will lose one of three tries given per level. Watch out so barrels won’t block your way, because in this case you find yourself in a ‘stalemate’ condition and will have to restart the game using the “again” button. After Anni or Fred have gathered all chests, you proceed to the next level.
Shoot the discs as they fly through the air! How good is your aim?
Flying Pig
Land a moon rover with the lowest speed.
Save the Jellyfish Fields
More and more jellyfish are leaving the place because of a lot of rubbish covering the ocean bottom. The objective of the game is to clear away all the rubbish in four locations using a self-made vacuum cleaner. But make sure that ocean inhabitants don’t get into the device. The game has 4 levels. While playing the game kids learn first principles of ecological culture and get information about the problem of water pollution. The game is available at
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