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JUNE 2011

Carly's Webshow Memo
Carly's webshow memo is live. Players learn what it takes to organize a successful webshow. A good team, modern equipment or a good memory. The objective of the game is to find matching pairs of cards analogy of a memory with all details for a webshow. The single-and multiplayer game is now available at

Use your brains and try to remove all items from a board.
Get the highest score and prevent the ball from falling down on your side.
Platsch! Das Wasserbombenspiel
Hit the moving character with a plastic bag (filled with water) or with a snowball.
Snow Fortress
Help Santa-Claus defend his snow fortress from being dragged apart by the children! Steer Santa using the left and right keys. Use the space button to throw the presents to coming children.
Click the flowers, which colour you hear.
Memory Concentration
Memorize the character hidden behind shutters and try to find its double.
Toys Shop Games
What do toys do when the shop is closed? Our artist tried to imagine it and as a result we have the “Toys Shop Game” series. You can experience races on toy cars, play desk-mounted hockey and solve a couple of intricate puzzles. Also there is an opportunity to play sea battle and to steer a tank. The “Toys Shop Games” series include 10 games. 6 of them are arcades, 2 are sport games and 2 are puzzles. Also you can download screensavers and wallpapers for free and send e-cards.
Try to break down all shields and uncover the picture hidden behind them.
Harley Game
Ski downhill while avoiding people and obstacles placed on your way. Pick the bonus elements up.
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