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JUNE 2011

Potty Babies
`Mummy Laid An Egg` is an app developed by TWP for Lovelywork. A part of it is a funny game the object of which is to get as many babies as you can onto the right potties. If a baby cries first pop a dummy into their mouth. The more you play the faster the babies and potties will move!

TKKG 13: Cell 13
Gaby has a task from the school newspaper and takes an interview with a prisoner about his everyday life in a jail. The prisoner from cell 13, Heppner, provides her readily with information. But as before he is silent as a fish about the fact what happened with the loot he got after a bank robbery and whether he had an accomplice in that crime. Shortly after Heppner escapes from prison! And TKKG is mixed up in a new case again. Traces lead into a horror shop, to confirmed detective novel readers, illiterates and finally to an abandoned bunker...
Mathematics with Freddy for the 2nd Grade
Learning mathematics can be fun for children! With Freddy, a cute friendly vampire, and his little friend Bodo the bat, the children of the 2nd grade will learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with pleasure. More than 76 assignments combined by topics are explained and commented on by Freddy. Freddy`s assistant Bodo will show the children how to navigate the CD, choose a topic, go back and forth in the topic menu or go to the next sum of the current topic, adjust the sound volume and exit. The game was developed by The Web Production for Tivola Publishing and Klett Schulbuchverlag.
Oscar the Balloonist Discovers the Sea
Do you want to discover the sea world? Then this game is just for you! Oscar, his friends Carmela, Balthasar and sea animals such as seals, different kinds of fish, jellyfishes, sharks, shrimps, whales and gulls will teach you many interesting things about the fascinating sea life. You will enjoy realistic beautiful backgrounds and funny animations. Oscar will take children in his boat to visit different sea animals and learn how their life changes in different seasons: in winter, in spring, in summer and in autumn. The game includes a number of separate small games that will enable children to test their knowledge of the sea world. The game was produced by The Web Production for Tivola Publishing. This game received the GIGA MAUS 2003 award for the outstanding Children Software in the Category “Children Age 6 to 10 Sachkunde”.
Felix - Eine Wundersame Reise Durch die Zeit - 1
Together with a cute plush rabbit Felix children set out on a wonderful journey through different times and ages. They visit Ancient Rome, Maya Indians, Middle Ages in Europe, Ancient China, Ancient Egypt and find out a lot of interesting games, facts, stories, handicraft ideas and cooking receipts, which are put down to a World Travel Book. Felix is going to present the book his friend Sophie when he’s back home. But in order to come back Felix the rabbit has to fulfill several tasks, the most important of them is to bring people who were lost in time back to their ages. A unique parents control feature – `Parents` Clock` allows parents to set and control the time their child spends playing in front of the computer. The game was produced by The Web Production in cooperation with Hamburger Medien Haus.
Wild Soccer Bunch - The Dark Tower Adventure
This title is the first adventure game of the Wild Football Guys series. These guys are crazy about playing football and stick together. Their slogan is: “Everything’s gonna be all right, as long as you are wild!“ This time Juli is in trouble: he wants to find his father and invite him for a great football game, but Michi’s band catches Juli! Together with his friends you have to help him break loose from band’s grip and win a great football game. A lot of tasks and interesting games are waiting for you! There are fascinating 3D backgrounds in the title! Have fun to discover the Wild Football Guys world again. The game was developed by The Web Production for Tivola Verlag GmbH.
Successful Learning Preschool: Princess Lillifee (Nintendo DS™)
Every child can successfully prepare for school with the help of this Nintendo DS™ edutaining product. Especially girls will have fun while playing 20 mini-games together with Princess Lillifee! They will learn letters and numerals, word groups, simple number series, train capacity for remembering, logical thinking and much more. No reading skills are necessary, because Lillifee reads out all important things. The progress display shows which skills the player needs to improve. An adventure bonus game is given in reward for a good work. In German and Turkish. This product was developed by The Web Production for Tivola Verlag.
Math Trainer Grade 5 (Nintendo DS™)
The Maths Trainer for the 5th school grade landed on the Nintendo DS platform. The Maths Trainer is divided in chapters which offer 1500 tasks in 35 different formats (single-choice, multiple-choice, drag&drop, correlations etc.) The player can always have a look at their results which are presented by means of a circle diagram with a percentage. In order to check their mathematical skills and progress in the exercises, the player can use three different types of tests: the `individual test`, the `learning improvement test` and the `random test`. There are different bonus extras depending on the player`s progress in the title (useful collection of formulas, different calculation tools, world times etc.), they become available as the player proceeds through the Maths Trainer. Two languages for choice: German or English. Developed by WEB VV – The Web Production for Cornelsen Verlag and Hamburger Medien Haus.
Successful Learning: English - Der Vokabeltrainer (Nintendo DS™)
More than 1 000 000 children in Germany learn different subjects using the products of the `Successful Learning` series. Everybody who wants to master languages has to study grammar and learn vocabulary! The `Successful Learning: English - The Vocable Trainer` is a great tool for learning English vocabulary with pleasure. The product gives an opportunity to learn both by using a card-register and by solving different tasks. The training contents are divided into 6 levels, each level contains 8 specific topics. Furthermore there is a dictionary which nearly 1300 terms, a personalized card-register function where the player can put together and learn any cards from the dictionary. All words, task formulations and explanation texts are accompanied with English voice output. The product was developed by The Web Production for Tivola Verlag.
The Peanuts: Where`s the blanket Charlie Brown?
Linus` security blanket has got lost, the player and the Peanuts gang must find it. Team up with either Charli Brown or Lucy, as Snoopy guides the children through the game. The play-story includes nine different games set out in exciting environments – in the computer camp, in the school library or even at the magic show of the Great Houdini, who looks just like Snoopy. The `snoopymeter` is yet another challenge for the players. The children can print out the scenes of the game and color them. Created for the children of all ages, this unique play-story gives lessons with humor and heart. It helps children to build social and orientation skills, to explore maths and music, trains their analytical and problem-solving abilities. Tasks and assignments included directly into the storyline make learning both exciting and effective, while the animation remains true to the sketches of Charles M. Schulz, the Peanuts creator.
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