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JUNE 2011

Potty Babies
`Mummy Laid An Egg` is an app developed by TWP for Lovelywork. A part of it is a funny game the object of which is to get as many babies as you can onto the right potties. If a baby cries first pop a dummy into their mouth. The more you play the faster the babies and potties will move!

Duden: Just Great in Math for the 1st and the 2nd Grade (Nintendo DS™)
The `Just great in` Duden series landed on Nintendo DS™. Pupils of the 1st and the 2nd school grades can learn Mathematics using the system and strategy approach: Know - Train - Can. This product offers hundreds of tasks in more than 30 different formats divided in numerous topics. Beautiful illustrations, user-friendly navigation, motivating atmosphere, possibility to check user progress and much more. The product was developed by The Web Production for Duden Verlag and Hamburger Medien Haus.
Oscar the Balloonist Discovers the Sea
Do you want to discover the sea world? Then this game is just for you! Oscar, his friends Carmela, Balthasar and sea animals such as seals, different kinds of fish, jellyfishes, sharks, shrimps, whales and gulls will teach you many interesting things about the fascinating sea life. You will enjoy realistic beautiful backgrounds and funny animations. Oscar will take children in his boat to visit different sea animals and learn how their life changes in different seasons: in winter, in spring, in summer and in autumn. The game includes a number of separate small games that will enable children to test their knowledge of the sea world. The game was produced by The Web Production for Tivola Publishing. This game received the GIGA MAUS 2003 award for the outstanding Children Software in the Category “Children Age 6 to 10 Sachkunde”.
Princess Lillifee`s Dance School
You can find a lot of exciting things, learn how to dance and make music playing together with Princess Lillifee! Lillifee is preparing for her performance in the theatre tent. She is very excited about it and needs your help. You can prepare a dance show for the Princess, decorate the scene, choose a fine music and special illumination for her performance.
Flying, Fluttering, Flying Machines
Fliegen, Flattern, Flugmaschinen - one of Tivola Classic Games - was rereleased and is available for the latest PC and Mac Plattforms. In this game you can learn and print out a lot of interesting and useful facts about various things which are concerned with flying. Take a part in the adventure with two funny teenagers.
HOW AND WHY: Interactive DVD Quiz
This interactive DVD works on usual DVD-players. You can play this quiz alone or with friends. Set language, level of complexity, number of players and enjoy it; choose between 500 questions from 26 different topics in the knowledge pyramid using remote control. Funny 3D characters Theo and Tess will help you see and learn a lot of fascinating facts.
Successful Learning: The Concentration Trainer (Nintendo DS™)
More than 1 000 000 pupils in Germany successfully learn different subjects playing games out of the „Successful Learning“ series. Concentration is a basic requirement for successful learning. The `Concentration Trainer` offers 20 varied task types with 10 difficulty levels to play and trains children`s concentration, memory, logic, patience, listening comprehension. The content was worked out in cooperation with MAT-trainer and chairperson from the organization for brain training e.V. Hamburg. Vampire Freddy gives advises how the player can achieve a better concentration. There`s an audio function in the game which helps children with underdeveloped reading skills. As a reward for their learning progress players unlock new tasks and collect funny stickers. The product was developed by The Web Production for Tivola Verlag.
This Blitzrechnen series for the 1st-4th school grades contains the main tasks for mental calculation training. User friendly structure, iconic and symbolic task modes, tests, cute background characters allow kids train arithmetic having fun. These products offer many useful features also for teachers. They can create and edit class lists, check tests, analyze results of every pupil, print out. The product was developed by The Web Production for Ernst Klett Grundschulverlag GmbH.
Wochenplan: Math practice for the 2nd grade
It is the first teaching product - used as enclosure into mathematical textbook - which combines mathematical content as week-units. Animated kangaroo provides pupils with didactic advises and help. Children can learn while playing and after a time they get in reward two exciting educational games. There are ten different chapters with interactive tasks, helping pupils joyfully learn and train addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other math areas on the CD-ROM.
TKKG 11: Action!
The TKKG-Kids have a new case to investigate. Gaby is keen on TV-series “Love Makes Mood” and especially on Mickey, the main character of the film. One day she meets a boy in the school yard who looks just like Mickey, only without the mole on the cheek. This Mickey’s double offers Gaby a strange pill that has turned out to be a drug. Is Mickey a drug dealer? Why does he do this? Who is the head dealer? TKKG-Kids are going to find him and save Mickey. What is TKKG anyway? It is a team of four friends - Tim, Karl, Klostchen and Gaby – that are inquisitive about shady situations. They can fulfill different tasks and supplement each other perfectly well: what one is incapable of, the other will do easily; so it`s your task to choose the right person to act in each situation. The game was developed by The Web Production.
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