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Felix - Ein Koffer voller Spiele!
After two wondrous adventures with the magic World Travel Book a cute plush rabbit Felix collected a lot of exciting games in his suitcase! Now it’s time to open the suitcase and participate in all the games. There are eight games from the Felix’ titles “Eine wundersame Reise durch die Zeit` 1&2 and two exclusive games in this lovingly compiled games collection. Children can access each game from the map on the main screen. A unique parents’ control feature – `Parents` Clock` allows parents to set and control the time their child spends playing in front of the computer.
PC: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Pentium III or higher, min. 800 MHz, 128 MB / MAC: Power MAC from G4, G5, Intel MAC OS X 10.1.2 or higher 500 MHz, 128 MB

Your website - our games! This unique offline - tool developed by The Web Production enables you to pubish our Flash games on your website, quick and easy, it goes as follows: - you preview one of the 24 games, and choose the ones you like; you save the game onto your hard drive; - paste the link in your editor and submit the data to the server - the game is online within minites! These exciting high-quality games will make any web-site even more attractive for visitors.
PC Win 95/98/NT 4/ME/2000 Pentium 166 MHz 32 MB / MAC PowerPC 166 MHz 32 MB OS 8.X/9.X

Oscar the Balloonist: Animalistic Adventure (Nintendo DS™)
It is a beautiful animated DS game for Nintendo DS™ consol: interactive adventures of Oscar the Balloonist and Kalli the cactus, who explore an island and learn about nature and life of different animals. The player takes part in exciting events! Oscar and Kalli have to repair the balloon to be able to set out for home, for that thay have to take a closer look at the residents of the island, learn much about their life and habits, find and play ten lovely games buildig memory and logic skills and much more. The player can switch language between English and German.
Nintendo DS

Wild Football Guys SE
The CD on the adventure film! They are crazy about playing football and stick together. Together they can manage all hardships of a child’s everyday life. Their slogan is: „Everything’s gonna be all right, so long as you are wild!“ ”The Wild Football Guys” is a very exciting title not only for boys, but for girls as well! Every kid can find there something special: there are different games, football team stuff for printing, quiz, interviews with the film characters, and many other cool things. The new edition contains a part of text and some illustrations from new book and new trailer for a film published on DVD.
PC Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP Pentium 300 MHz 32 MB / MAC PowerPC 400 MHz 32 MB OS 8.X / 9.X / X

Benjamin Blümchen: Ein Tag im Zoo (Nintendo DS™)
A wonderful game collection for Nintendo DS™ console. The player accompanies Benjamin and Otto on their morning tour through the Neustädter Zoo, discovers a lot of animals and takes part in exciting events. Furthermore, Mr. Tierlieb has a birthday and the player should help Benjamin and Otto collect all pieces for three birthday pictures. For that the player has to play ten exciting games which they will find at ten different animals. Succession of search, stirring games, interesting facts about animals, logical tasks and beautiful environment result in a wonderful game collection for children. Produced by WEB VV, The Web Production for Kiddinx Entertainment.
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