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Oscar the Balloonist: Animalistic Adventure (Nintendo DS™)
It is a beautiful animated DS game for Nintendo DS™ consol: interactive adventures of Oscar the Balloonist and Kalli the cactus, who explore an island and learn about nature and life of different animals. The player takes part in exciting events! Oscar and Kalli have to repair the balloon to be able to set out for home, for that thay have to take a closer look at the residents of the island, learn much about their life and habits, find and play ten lovely games buildig memory and logic skills and much more. The player can switch language between English and German.
Nintendo DS

Oscar the Balloonist Discovers the Sea
Do you want to discover the sea world? Then this game is just for you! Oscar, his friends Carmela, Balthasar and sea animals such as seals, different kinds of fish, jellyfishes, sharks, shrimps, whales and gulls will teach you many interesting things about the fascinating sea life. You will enjoy realistic beautiful backgrounds and funny animations. Oscar will take children in his boat to visit different sea animals and learn how their life changes in different seasons: in winter, in spring, in summer and in autumn. The game includes a number of separate small games that will enable children to test their knowledge of the sea world. The game was produced by The Web Production for Tivola Publishing. This game received the GIGA MAUS 2003 award for the outstanding Children Software in the Category “Children Age 6 to 10 Sachkunde”.
PC Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP Pentium 300 MHz 32 MB / MAC PowerPC 400 MHz 32 MB OS 8.X / 9.X / X

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