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CHARACTERS - Benjamin Blümchen

Preschool fun with Benjamin Blümchen (Nintendo DS™)
This Nintendo DS product provides hours of fun and is a great part of preschool program in the development and education of children. The lovely elephant Benjamin Blümchen is ready to play and motivate kids. He helps children learn colors, numbers, letters, geometric patterns, word groups, first English words, train phonics development, matching, logical thinking and learn through play. There’s a progress display which shows task types the player needs to improve in the game. An adventure bonus game is given in award for a good work. Reading skills are not necessary: Benjamin explains everything by means of spoken messages. This game was developed by The Web Production for Kiddinx Entertainment.

Benjamin Blümchen: Ein Tag im Zoo (Nintendo DS™)
A wonderful game collection for Nintendo DS™ console. The player accompanies Benjamin and Otto on their morning tour through the Neustädter Zoo, discovers a lot of animals and takes part in exciting events. Furthermore, Mr. Tierlieb has a birthday and the player should help Benjamin and Otto collect all pieces for three birthday pictures. For that the player has to play ten exciting games which they will find at ten different animals. Succession of search, stirring games, interesting facts about animals, logical tasks and beautiful environment result in a wonderful game collection for children. Produced by WEB VV, The Web Production for Kiddinx Entertainment.
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