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Laura Star 2
Flying by her rocket through the universe Laura discovered a lot of planets. Now she wants to invite kids to join her and visit some of them. In each planet children will find interesting games, puzzles, funny handicraft ideas. They will help Laura do a lot of things: sort out belongings of her family after a move into another apartment, see how Laura’s star meets her mother, make music with a combo of funny toys and many other things! The game was developed by The Web Production.
PC Win 95/98/NT 4/ME/2000 Pentium 166 MHz 32 MB / MAC PowerPC 166 MHz 32 MB OS 8.X/9.X

Laura Goes to School
It`s time for Laura to get up and go to school, but she is in a bad mood, everything seems to be sad and Laura has no wish to go to school. But it`s not so bad because Laura`s star comes to visit the girl, she goes to school together with Laura and proves her that everyday school life can be very interesting and joyful... This exciting CD-game based on the book written by Klaus Baumgart has a lot of beautiful realistic backgrounds, funny animations and of course many small useful games which will help kids go into school life with pleasure. The game was developed by The Web Production for MultiMediaManufaktur GmbH and BaumHaus Verlag.
PC: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Pentium III or higher, min. 800 MHz, 128 MB / MAC: Power MAC from G4, G5, Intel MAC OS X 10.1.2 or higher 500 MHz, 128 MB

Laura Star
It’s a quiet night and it’s time to go to bed. But what is that? A star has fallen down from the sky! And of course Laura can not miss opportunity to find it. The star is lying on the ground, it is injured, and children must help Laura to cure the star and send it back home. During the game they will find out how to cure the star; build a sky-rocket that will bring the star to the space; children will also meet the other stars and universes. They will have to play different games so as not to be caught by the stars. The CD is developed for the children from 4 to 6 years old. The game is created by The Web Production.
PC Win 95/98/NT 4/ME/2000 Pentium 166 MHz 32 MB / MAC PowerPC 166 MHz 32 MB OS 8.X/9.X

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